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Surgical error during circumcision necessitates penile amputation

Agreeing to have surgery is a decision that involves you putting almost total trust in the surgeon. A man went into the operating room for a circumcision in June. What happened instead of a circumcision is something that will affect the man for the rest of his life. Pennsylvania residents might be interested in learning this man’s story because it is so outrageous.

In a lawsuit that was recently filed, the man says that he woke up from what was supposed to be a routine circumcision to find that the surgeon had instead amputated his penis. His complaint says that he never consented to the possibility of partial or full amputation of his genitals. He says he wasn’t ever made aware that amputation was even a possibility with the surgery. On top of having to deal with the unexpected amputation of a vital part of his anatomy, the man is also have to deal with not knowing exactly why the amputation was done.

In response to this life-altering surgical error, the man and his wife are utilizing their right to seek relief from damages caused by the incident. His wife has claimed loss of consortium. He has claimed that he is out of more money, had to spend more time in the hospital and has had to suffer more pain and suffering.

Attorneys for the doctors named in the lawsuit has said that the allegations made in the lawsuit are false, according to a follow up story published on July 24 on AL.com. Besides the two doctors listed as defendants, the man and his wife have also named the urology center, a clinic and the hospital as defendants in the lawsuit.

Source: AL.com, “Man went to hospital for circumcision and awoke to find penis amputated, according to Jefferson County lawsuit” Kent Faulk, Jul. 23, 2014

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