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3 factors that lead to brain-related birth injuries

When people hear of birth injuries, they might think about broken bones and similar injuries. The truth of the matter is that birth injuries go far beyond broken bones. In some cases, brain injuries can result from issues during labor and delivery. Our Pennsylvania readers might be interested in learning about these injuries.

There are three basic causes of brain injuries during labor and delivery: reduced oxygen, reduced glucose and trauma. While these are distinct, they can happen all in the same labor and delivery.

Reduced oxygen can occur if there are problems with the placenta. It can also occur if the umbilical cord becomes compressed or if the mother suffers from blood circulation issues during labor and delivery. One such occurrence is when a mother experiences low blood pressure that is sometimes associated with epidural use. Another cause for reduced oxygen is the use of Pitocin if it causes hyperstimulation of the uterus.

After birth, the baby might have a low blood sugar. When the blood sugar drops too low, the baby is said to have reduced glucose. This is often the case after a long or difficult labor. Giving the baby glucose and careful monitoring can reduce the risk of the baby suffering a brain injury because of the lack of glucose.

Finally, trauma can cause brain injuries. The trauma can come from the use of forceps or a vacuum extractor if these are applied incorrectly. Cerebral contusions, tearing of blood vessels, skull fractures, cerebral bleeds and compression of the brain are all possible with traumatic injuries.

If your baby is injured during birth, you have the right to seek compensation for those injuries. Not only will this compensation help you cover the costs of the baby’s present case, it can also help you to cover the future care of your baby. Knowing how to seek compensation is the first step toward seeking the compensation you deserve.

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