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Failure to diagnose is a serious medical malpractice issue

When you think that there is something wrong with your health, you head into the doctor. Chances are good that the doctor will be able to diagnose your problem and help you learn the treatments possible for it. But, have you ever considered what happens when the doctor doesn’t have the answer or misses the answer? In that case, you could suffer harm because of a missed diagnosis.

We don’t like the thought of our Pennsylvania neighbors suffering because of a missed diagnosis or a total misdiagnosis. The harm that can come from these issues is considerable. Think about cancer, for example. A person who goes to the doctor with any form of cancer and isn’t diagnosed properly by the doctor won’t get the necessary treatment. That will allow the cancer to spread. What happens if it isn’t caught before it is past the point of being treatable? That person would face a death sentence that could have possibly been prevented if the doctor would have made the proper diagnosis from the start.

Cancer isn’t the only condition that can have such serious effects if it isn’t diagnosed properly. The same is true for serious infections like MRSA. Think about what would happen if a doctor missed a diagnosis of a stroke or a heart attack.

The thread that binds all these situations together is that a doctor’s negligence caused harm to the patient. Those patients have the right to seek compensation from the doctor. We can help them seek that compensation. If you were misdiagnosed or suffered from a failure to diagnose situation, you have the right to seek compensation to help you cover the cost of expenses related to the injuries you suffered.

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