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What should Pittsburgh women know about gestational diabetes?

Almost every woman who is pregnant will have to have a blood-glucose screening for gestational diabetes. While many women dread the thought of drinking the syrupy, sweet liquid, the test is actually a vital part of making sure that the woman and her baby have the best chance of making through the pregnancy as healthy as possible. Our Pennsylvania expectant mothers might be interested in learning some about this condition.

What is gestational diabetes?

Gestational diabetes is a form of diabetes that only occurs during pregnancy. When a woman is pregnant, her body might not be as responsive as normal to insulin. When you eat sugar that is known as glucose, insulin helps your cells to use the glucose as fuel. When that doesn’t happen, the glucose remains in the blood stream.

What are some of the effects of gestational diabetes?

While most women are able to manage gestational diabetes through lifestyle changes and possibly medication, there are some instances in which the diabetes is left uncontrolled. Gestational diabetes that is uncontrolled can lead to serious issued with the baby, labor and birth. A woman with gestational diabetes is more likely to have a large baby. This can affect labor and delivery. The baby also has an increased risk of childhood obesity, adult obesity and other health conditions.

As we mentioned, proper monitoring and treatment of a woman with gestational diabetes is vital to ensure the effects of the condition are minimal. A woman who doesn’t receive proper screening and treatment of gestational diabetes might opt to seek compensation for the injury to her and her child that was caused by the medical negligence.

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