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Woman objects to episiotomy, doctor doesn’t listen, woman to sue

Episiotomies are something that women once thought was just a part of the birth process. This procedure involves cutting a woman’s perineum to allow a baby to fit through the area a little easier and to speed up the birth process.

The practice of performing an episiotomy is largely unacceptable now. In fact, in 2006, the American College of Obstetricians issued a public statement to discourage the procedure that some consider barbaric. That, however, didn’t stop a doctor from forcing one woman to have an episiotomy against her will. That woman has opted to sue the doctor for assault and battery.

The incident was caught on video. The woman, who had survived a sexual assault, was trying to push her son out during the delivery process. After only a few pushes, the doctor insisted on doing an episiotomy. The woman objected to that request. The doctor went against those objections and proceeded to cut the woman 12 times before she had the baby.

In response to the doctor’s actions, the woman has opted to seek compensation from the doctor for trauma, physical injuries and emotional injuries. While the case hasn’t made it to court yet, the woman’s story is proving to be a learning experience for pregnant women.

A woman who is in labor is putting her trust in the doctors or midwives who are delivering the baby. A woman should have a say in what happens as she moves through the process. While it is possible that some aspects of a birth plan won’t go according to plan, the woman shouldn’t expect to be subjected to unnecessary procedures.

Any woman who has suffered an injury during birth or who has undergone a procedure during birth that she feels was unnecessary has the right to explore her rights to seek compensation. Fast action is necessary to ensure that the statute of limitations doesn’t pass before a claim is filed.

Source: Redbook, “This Mom is Suing Her Doctor for Forcing Her to Have an Episiotomy During Delivery,” Jessica Mattern, June 05, 2015

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