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Birth injuries are difficult, seeking compensation might help

In our post last week, we discussed some of the dangers if labor doesn’t progress. There are some instances in which a failure to progress can lead to the medical professional attending the delivery to use forceps. The use of forceps during delivery is associated with a host of issues. We know that you only wanted your baby to be born healthy. We know that having to deal with birth injuries of any sort is very difficult.

In the case of a forceps delivery, you and your baby can suffer harm. You might suffer from tissue damage in the birth canal. Your baby can suffer from facial nerve palsy and other medical issues. The treatment for these issues can be fairly expensive. The conditions can all cause lasting damage that requires ongoing medical care.

We know that you just want to move on with your life and enjoy your newborn. While you work on bonding with your new baby and work on moving past the birth injury, we can wage the battle for you if you opt to file a birth injury lawsuit.

There are several factors to consider when you decide to file a claim for a birth injury case. You have to be willing and able to call expert witnesses who can show your side of the case. We can help you to find those witnesses. We can also help you to build your case. You can focus on the treatment plan for the birth injury while we focus on the legal aspects of the case you file.

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