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Missed or delayed diagnoses can have devastating results

In our previous blog post, we discussed how increased intracranial pressure is a life-threatening condition that must be diagnosed and treated quickly. When doctors miss the diagnosis for this condition, the patient can die or suffer from severe brain damage. This is only one example of why a missed diagnosis or delayed diagnosis can be so devastating. We know that nobody seeks out medical care with the expectation of the doctor failing to issue a proper and accurate diagnosis.

Think about how devastating it would be if a doctor failed to diagnose a stroke or a heart attack. What would happen if a doctor didn’t diagnose cancer or a serious infection? In all of these cases, it is possible that the patient could die. It is also possible that the medical condition could worsen to the point that it is very difficult or impossible to treat once it is diagnosed.

If you suffered harm because of a missed diagnosis or a delayed diagnosis, you might choose to explore your right to seek compensation. We can help you to explore that possibility. We can investigate your case to determine what courses of action you might have available to you.

We know that you probably aren’t ready to declare a legal war while you are trying to heal from the effects of the missed or delayed diagnosis. We have some good news — we can handle the legal battle on your behalf while you work to get better after the incident. From the initial investigation through the final outcome of the case, we can help you to seek the compensation you deserve.

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