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Negligent post-operative care is unacceptable

Having a surgical procedure done comes with a host of uncertainties. One thing that you should be able to count on is that you will receive appropriate post-operative care. When you don’t receive that care starting as soon as you come out of the operating room, you are at risk of specific complications. We know that you never expected to face complications after your surgery, but if you did, we can help you to seek the compensation that you deserve.

Proper post-operative care can reduce the risk that you will suffer from an infection. As you can imagine, an infection can have devastating effects on the surgical area. In severe cases, an infection at the surgical site can lead to a longer hospitalization or even death. That is why proper wound care is crucial after an operation.

When you suffer from a complication because of sub-standard post-operative care, you are likely facing an increase in the cost of the surgery. If the complication was because you weren’t provided adequate care, you shouldn’t be held responsible for the increase in costs. One way that you might be able to defray those costs is by seeking compensation through a medical malpractice case.

We can help you to learn about the points need to address in your lawsuit. We can also help you to learn about the process for seeking compensation for medical malpractice in Pennsylvania. You didn’t deserve what happened to you. Let us help you understand your rights and responsibilities so that you can hold the doctor or other medical professional accountable.

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