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Infection risks are great after a surgical delivery

When a woman is pregnant, she assumes that her labor and delivery will be difficult. Most women don’t expect that conditions like preterm premature rupture of the membranes or uterine infections will occur. When a woman does suffer from PPROM and a uterine infection, which is known as chorioamnionitis, her medical team must step up and take care of her and her baby in a way that minimizes the risks that both mother and baby now have.

For some women, a surgical delivery will be necessary. In that case, the doctors and nurses have to ensure that the risks of infection to the mother and baby aren’t overlooked. Infections that are left unchecked can lead to life-threatening circumstances for the mother and her baby.

The care for all women who have a Cesarean-section is much greater than what is usually necessary after a vaginal birth. A woman who has chorioamnionitis is at risk of the uterine infection worsening. She also has the risk of the surgical incision site becoming infected. Because of those risks, she might need to be placed on antibiotics via an IV for a period of time. Oral antibiotics might also be suitable.

If the woman and her baby aren’t properly treated, there is a chance that they could suffer from conditions that cause harm. In those cases, it might be possible to seek compensation based on a medical negligence or malpractice claim. Understanding some basic concepts, such as standards of care, can often help you to fully understand what is going on with your claim for compensation.

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