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Anesthesia blamed for child’s brain injury

A child who was placed under anesthesia for a surgery recommended by an ear, nose, and throat doctor suffered from complications after the surgery and now has permanent brain damage. Her family has filed a lawsuit in federal court over the issue. The anesthesia manufacturer and the hospital have been named in the lawsuit.

The allegations in the lawsuit include that the child was without oxygen for 20 minutes when her airway became blocked after the surgery. It is alleged that she suffered brain damage during that time. She spent seven months in a rehabilitation facility, but still needs care from others to survive.

The girl is dependent upon a GJ tube and cannot speak. The conditions she suffers from aren’t going to go away and she will have to be cared for as long as the lives.

This young girl went into a surgical procedure that was supposed to help her. The surgery was meant to correct an airway complication. This is not the life that her parents envisioned for her and they have opted to take action to try to seek compensation for the injuries their daughter suffered.

Anyone who has a child who suffered from a brain injury because of complications that occur during medical care might opt to seek compensation for the damage. If compensation is awarded, it can be used to take care of the child now. It can also be used to provide care for the child once the parents are unable to care for the child. This is especially important for children who can’t care for themselves.

Source: Argus Leader, “Family sues hospital for child’s brain injury,” Mark Walker, June 30, 2016

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