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Postpartum hemorrhages are life threatening

When a woman gives birth, she is going to experience vaginal bleeding. There is a fine line between normal bleeding after birth and a postpartum hemorrhage. When a woman experiences postpartum hemorrhaging, she is facing a life-threatening condition that must be properly managed. Failing to properly manage the bleeding can lead to maternal death, which can lead to a legal claim for compensation from the family members who are left behind after her death.

The normal bleeding that occurs after birth happens because of open blood vessels where the placenta was attached to the uterus. The placenta contracts after birth to help stop the blood vessels from bleeding. When that doesn’t happen right away, giving oxytocin or massaging the uterus can help to stop the bleeding. In some cases, more invasive interventions are necessary.

Some women who have other conditions, such as placenta accreta or placenta previa, might have more bleeding than what is normal. Other medical conditions, such as tears in the vaginal tissues or cervix, can cause a hemorrhage.

Postpartum hemorrhage happens in up to 6 percent of births. This condition can occur right after birth or days or weeks after the birth. In all cases, it must be treated to prevent the woman from dying of blood loss.

Making a claim based on a postpartum hemorrhage can be complicated. There are some elements that you must be sure to include in your case. Learning about these elements and finding out how to present your claim can help you as you build your claim for compensation.

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