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Possible symptoms of severe brain trauma

When Pennsylvanian residents go in for surgery, they put their lives in the hands of the surgeons. Unfortunately, mistakes are sometimes made, and negligence may sometimes occur. This can sometimes lead to brain injury or trauma, which may be severe to the point of debilitation in certain cases.

In order to identify the potential severity of trauma to the brain, the American Speech Language Hearing Association says that a person should keep an eye on behavioral or emotional changes. These mental differences cannot be seen by the naked eye but are a good indication of brain damage severity. Some signs to look out for can include:

  •          Slurred speech
  •          Unusual amounts of combativeness
  •          High levels of irritation or agitation
  •          Extreme confusion
  •          Personality and behavioral differences

Generally speaking, the longer these symptoms last or the more intense they are, the worse the brain injury likely is.

The Mayo Clinic states that there are also physical signs of trauma that can be spotted. For example, a sufferer of a brain injury may have trouble with their coordination. They could feel numb in their extremities, or suffer from convulsions or seizures. Muscular weakness may also occur, causing the patient to have difficulty completing basic tasks or even lifting themselves up or raising their limbs properly.

It is important to keep an eye on any patient who seems to be suffering from severe brain trauma. Fortunately, most signs are relatively easy to detect and one should be able to pick up on them in short order.

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