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What is a uterine rupture?

While child birth should be a joyous experience for all women, serious injuries can occur even at the most prestigious Pittsburgh hospitals. A uterine rupture is just one possible complication that can have tragic consequences for both mother and child. Accordingly, it’s important for you as a soon-to-be mother to be fully informed about this complication, why it occurs and how it can be treated.

As stated by Healthline.com, uterine ruptures happen during vaginal birth. Although less than one percent of women will experience this complication during childbirth, it poses a serious bleeding risk that can be fatal under certain circumstances. During birth, tears can develop that will result in the baby being pushed from the uterus into the abdomen. Symptoms typically include pain in the abdominal area, abnormal heart rates in the mother and baby and delayed labor.

Uterine ruptures occur as a result of repeated scars on the uterus. Scar tissue can become weakened and split during birth, particularly if you’ve undergone multiple caesarian births or uterine surgeries. Because of this risk, women who’ve had numerous uterine births are cautioned against giving birth vaginally during subsequent births. While the mother faces a chance of prolonged bleeding, babies experiencing a uterine rupture are at a much greater risk, with up to six percent succumbing to this condition.

As far as treatment for uterine ruptures, the main goal is to preserve the safety and well-being of mother and child. To this end, doctors will perform emergency surgery to remove the baby from the abdomen when a rupture occurs. If the mother is experiencing excessive bleeding, a blood transfusion may be administered. In extreme cases, the uterus might need to be removed in order to stem the bleeding.

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