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Recovering from a traumatic brain injury

From motor vehicle accidents to mishaps on the playground, traumatic brain injuries happen for all sorts of reasons. Sadly, some people suffer a TBI due to medical professional negligence in Pittsburgh, and in other cities around Pennsylvania. At Phillips, Phillips, & Smith-Delach, we know how devastating this can be for patients as well as their loved ones and we believe that victims of brain injuries resulting from medical malpractice deserve justice.

Sadly, there are many different ways in which patients may sustain a TBI at the hands of a medical professional. For example, a patient’s brain may be injured because of a surgical error, a medical professional’s failure to monitor a patient, birth injuries and various other reasons. Unfortunately, when the supply of oxygen is cut off, the brain may suffer permanent damage. To make matters worse, some victims and their families may not even realize that a brain injury took place until months or even years after the incident occurred.

Victims of malpractice who sustain a brain injury may have many different hardships in life. For example, their personality may have changed and they could have difficulty remembering things, to name just a couple of challenges. These difficulties may have an impact on their life in many ways, such as interfering with their personal relationships and affecting their ability to perform their job responsibilities.

If your brain was injured because of malpractice, or your loved one was hurt by the negligence of a medical professional, you should stand up for your rights. Our medical malpractice page has more information related to traumatic brain injuries.

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