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Differences between delayed diagnoses and misdiagnoses

Pennsylvania residents like you rely on medical professionals to get the help you need in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, mistakes can still happen even among trained medical professionals. At Phillips, Phillips & Smith-Delach, P.C., we work to explain medical misdiagnoses, delayed diagnoses, and illustrate the difference between the two.

A medical misdiagnosis occurs when you’ve been given an incorrect diagnosis in regard to the symptoms you’re showing. The potential repercussions to this can be catastrophic, as you could be given medications or even surgical treatment to correct a problem that you don’t actually have. This can eventually cause problems in and of itself. Additionally, the real root of your symptoms remains untreated and undiscovered, which can lead to it worsening over time.

By contrast, a delayed diagnosis or a failure to diagnose can occur when the problem is found much later than it should have been. Examples include issues with the major organs like the heart and lungs, as well as cancer. The primary issue here is that generally speaking, if the actual problem had been identified and diagnosed sooner, the prognosis of the patient would look much better. A medical misdiagnosis can eventually lead into a delayed proper diagnosis.

Any time you have to deal with a delayed or misdiagnosed medical issue, your health is put into immediate jeopardy. If you have suffered from either of the aforementioned issues and faced damage to your health because of it, you may wish to take a look at our linked web page.

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