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Brain injuries: lifestyles and recovery

The average individual in Pennsylvania experiences an illness at some point in their lifetime, such as food poisoning, ear infections and the flu. However, when someone suffers a brain injury, they go through an entirely different type of recovery process.

Traumatic brain injuries (also known as TBIs) are the most common cause of death and disability among young Americans, and thousands require extended hospital treatment for brain injuries each year. Unfortunately, these catastrophic incidents are all different, as the types of disabilities and lifestyle changes can vary depending on the type of injury.

What to Know 

The Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania seeks to spread awareness of traumatic brain injuries and potential causes and better the quality of life for those who have suffered a brain injury. According to BIAPA, a brain injury refers to death of brain cells and disruption of neural pathways, which results in changes in the way a person experiences life. An alarming 10 million Americans are living with brain injuries, and America sees 1.4 million new TBIs each year. 30,000 children also suffer a disability due to brain injuries each year.

Moving Forward

BrainLine, a national multimedia project offering resources and information on the prevention, treatment and general lifestyles of TBI, also works to enhance the quality of life among those with disabilities due to brain injuries. One of the main categories in which BrainLine places immense focus is the recovery and treatment stage of TBIs. The following are common types of treatment for those recovering from brain injuries:

  • Traditional Treatment
  • Rehabilitation
  • Alternative Treatment
  • Self-Care

In addition, BrainLine offers assistance in managing symptoms of TBIs, handling legal and financial matters and finding communities and support groups for TBI survivors.

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