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Body cooling therapy: a new solution to birth injuries

There are a multitude of steps that can go wrong in the birthing process: failure to diagnose birth defects, performing inaccurate cesarean sections and the misuse of medical tools are only a few of the many types of childbirth mistakes. The mistake may seem apparent, but where does one draw the line in the case of a birth injury? Pennsylvania patients have the lawful right to address medical malpractice of any kind, including birth injuries. In the case of oxygen deprivation, a new medical approach could bring a decline in the country’s birth-related brain injuries overall.  

Markets Insider released an article covering a relatively new approach to handling birth injuries, but added that many surgeons in the country are still hesitant toward the procedure. According to the article, the newborn of a Florida family suffered significant brain damage when surgeons failed to react to her condition in a timely and effective manner. Attorneys in Philadelphia came to the family’s assistance by securing a $5.3 million settlement in favor of their client. The pressing medical situation could have been considerably altered, had surgeons immediately transferred the baby to a unit where she could have received body cooling therapy, a procedure through which brain injuries can be reduced and even prevented. While still a new procedure, body cooling therapy must take place within a few hours of birth. In this instance, doctors waited overnight before taking the medical action that could have saved the baby from brain injuries.

Although body cooling therapy was disputed in previous years, it has recently become a reliable way to save infants suffering potential brain injuries as a result of oxygen deprivation. Stanford Medicine shared in a news article the advantages of body cooling therapy, explaining that this type of controlled hypothermia allows metabolic processes to slow down, giving the brain time to heal. Birth asphyxia is a prominent issue in childbirth, and doctors in the area predict that body cooling therapy could have a major impact on the future of birth-related brain injuries.    




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