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Common injuries from motorcycle accidents

Motorcycles are just as much about expressing yourself as they are about getting you from one place to another. Still, you cannot ignore the fact that they come with more risk than do enclosed motor vehicles. According to the Insurance Information Institute, in 2015 bikers were six times more likely to die in a crash than were occupants of passenger cars, with the odds increasing nearly fivefold after factoring in driving distance. Rates of injury were also higher.

The nature of motorcycles makes it clear why they are more dangerous to ride. Collisions often lead to these serious injuries.

Traumatic brain injuries

Although wearing a helmet reduces the chances of severe head trauma, it does not eliminate the possibility altogether. You can still receive a mild to moderate TBI due to the speed and force of the crash. You may not even know it because sometimes symptoms do not show until days or weeks after an accident. It is always wise to get a medical examination after an accident even if your only visible injuries are scrapes.

Broken bones

Crashing can entail hitting a large vehicle, being thrown from your bike, striking an object or the bike falling onto you. Any of these can lead to broken bones and fractures, usually in your extremities. Generally, these are temporary problems that heal normally with time. However, sometimes they can heal incorrectly and lead to further health issues. Either way, the injury and its healing time can affect your ability to work and care for yourself.

Skin damage

Accidents often cause fires to start, resulting in burns. If you are not wearing protective clothing, you are also susceptible to road rash. Severe burns and rash lead to soft-tissue damage, risk of infection and painful medical treatments. Be sure to wear proper gear even in hot weather to avoid injuring your skin.

Although you may experience any of these in an accident, the good news is that you can sue for financial compensation from the responsible party to cover medical bills, lost wages and more.

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