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An unusual approach: botox and solutions to facial paralysis

Welcoming a child into the world is a tremendous event on its own; when complications arise during delivery, that event can lead to a lifetime of health issues. Facial paralysis is a rare muscle weakness that is known to primarily affect adults, but this type of paralysis can also occur among infants during delivery. There are several causes to this condition, but cranial trauma is a common culprit. In Pennsylvania, parents of children affected by injury-inflicted paralysis may choose to take legal action to compensate for their physical, mental and financial toils experienced as a result of a doctor’s malpractice.

In addition to legal action, some parents are turning to an unusual approach to solving their children’s health complications. The Facial Paralysis Institute is dedicated to treating those affected by facial paralysis through plastic surgery, first listing basic information on the condition. Congenital facial paralysis, much like Bell’s Palsy in adults, can last for years. And while many might dismiss surgical treatments and Botox, the Institute has seen a success in these treatments. Because the condition has no specific duration, infants with paralysis may have particular difficulty carrying out basic functions such as nursing or closing the eyes. Furthermore, if left untreated, facial paralysis in infants could lead to difficulties in speech development and emotional expression.

Sometimes facial paralysis can fade on its own within a few days, but not everyone with this condition is this fortunate. In 2015, Medical Daily showcased the issue that countless parents must deal with on a daily basis, adding that the nerves in a child’s face may not heal properly after injury. As a result, health care centers such as the one mentioned above have offered the solution of reconstructive surgery. According to a study highlighted in Medical Daily’s article, Botox has proven successful in helping young patients reclaim their facial movements. Although this option is relatively new, health experts hope to see the treatment as a breakthrough in addressing facial paralysis among infants and children.




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