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Preeclampsia signs and treatment

Whether pregnant for the first time or a subsequent time, an expectant mother in Pennsylvania deserves to know that she and her unborn baby can receive the right level of care needed, especially if a problem develops. Many complications that may arise during pregnancy are associated with dangerous and even fatal outcomes if not properly addressed by health care professionals. Preeclampsia is one of these complications.

According to The Mayo Clinic, preeclampsia is a condition that can never actually be cured while a woman is still pregnant. The only way to eliminate the condition is for the mother to give birth. While this condition generally does not appear until around the halfway point of a pregnancy, this may still be so early that delivery itself poses a risk to the baby.

Among the many symptoms of preeclampsia are maternal high blood pressure as well as excessive levels of protein the mother’s urine. Both of these are things that should be routinely checked by physicians or other health care providers during routine prenatal visits. Some women may also experience pain or alterations in their vision. Many mothers may also retain fluids.

Different factors may increase a woman’s chance of contracted preeclampsia as explained by the American Pregnancy Association. A multiple-baby pregnancy, family history of preeclampsia and maternal obesity are some of those factors. Early detection of preeclampsia is essential so that mothers and babies can get the right level of care and that the best decision on when and how to deliver a baby can be made.



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