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Patient photos during surgery lead to lawsuit

When most people in Pennsylvania think about acts of medical malpractice they might first think about things like incorrect diagnoses being made or not even made at all. When it comes to surgeries, leaving items like sponges or scalpels inside a patient’s body is another form of medical error that is all too often heard about. While these are indeed valid forms of medical mistakes, they are far and away not the only examples of such errors or negligence.

A different type of action has led one patient to file a lawsuit alleging medical malpractice along with an invasion of privacy among other claims. While the patient was in the operating room for surgery related to a hernia, a nurse apparently took multiple pictures of the patient. These photos showed the woman’s genitalia. The patient had worked at the hospital and was showed the photos by the nurse who took them.

Violation of a cellphone policy has led the Health Department to cite the hospital as the violation may contribute to the introduction of germs into what is intended to be a sterile environment. It is not known if this cellphone violation is connected to the nude photos of the patient. The lawsuit regarding the pictures has been filed against the hospital, a chief administrator and the surgeon.

After an error, act of negligence or other problem has occurred by or with a medical professional, residents in Pennsylvania might wish to discuss their situation with an attorney to learn how they may seek justice.

Source: CBS News, “Nude photos taken of ex-hospital worker during surgery, lawsuit claims,” December 29, 2017

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