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Poor hygiene among providers puts patients at risk

People in Pennsylvania who are concerned about their risk of experiencing a medical error may focus primarily on things like having a diagnosis be missed or incorrect or perhaps having an object left inside of them after a surgery. Certainly these are serious problems that deserve attention but they are far from the only dangers posed to patients today.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that as many as one in every 25 hospitalized patients will contract an infection unrelated to the reason for their hospitalization. Many of these infections are believed able to be prevented if workers in hospitals improved their hand hygiene. It is equally important for patients to know that they may and even should discuss this issue with their doctors, nurses and other providers to request that they wash hands before toughing them.

Even wearing gloves is not sufficient to prevent the spread of all infections despite what some providers may think according to Becker’s Hospital Review. This is just one thing that may stand in the way of proper hand hygiene in a hospital setting.

Sometimes logistics like hand sanitizer or soap dispensers being empty or not close enough to where a provider is or a dispenser not functioning may also be problems. Some providers may think that taking the time to wash hands or put on gloves is wasteful and impedes them getting their job done efficiently. The use of gloves and handwashing together is important especially for some diseases and there are some strains of infections that typical sanitizers cannot combat.



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