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Even doctors missing heart attack signs

Many Pennsylvania residents might think they know what the common signs of a heart attack are. However, a new study that was conducted by the Yale School of Public Health and published earlier this year indicates that not only do many people miss some of these signs but many physicians also miss these signs. That may lead to many heart attacks not being diagnosed which opens the door to many other problems for patients.

As explained by Healthline, women in particular may experience symptoms other than pain in the chest when having a heart attack. It is these symptoms that are most commonly overlooked by doctors. Some of these symptoms include indigestion similar to typical gas pains, acid reflux, nausea or other stomach pain, shortness of breath and even light headedness. Instead of pain in the chest, a woman may end up having chest palpitations when having a heart attack.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services indicates that certainly pain in the chest can happen for women during a heart attack but that this pain may take the form of excessive pressure or squeezing rather than a stabbing type of pain. Pain may also be felt through other areas of the upper body including the jaw or the neck.

In some cases, a woman having a heart attack might experience unexplained fatigue and even break out into a cold, not a hot, sweat. Knowing these signs of heart attacks may be important for patients so that they can advocate for the proper care.


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