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Birth injuries: recent news and common types

Bringing a little one into the world is, needless to say, one of life’s most special moments. With this excitement can come a natural anxiety, especially when it comes to the delivery itself. Today’s advanced technologies in medicine have made the birthing process safer, but injuries during delivery nevertheless occur. What can expecting Pennsylvania mothers and families learn to better prepare themselves for this thrilling but serious medical process?

One of the most infamous birth injuries, cerebral palsy can reveal itself long after an injury has happened. According to Cerebral Palsy News Today, there could be new signs that point to this type of birth injury, such as a large head circumference at birth. Using a study from Obstetrics and Gynecology International, the article goes on to share the correlation between large head size and white brain matter damage. Newborns with a head circumference greater than 90th centile were 10 times more likely to suffer from white matter damage. The study also showed that boys were more likely to show signs of brain damage than girls.

The many possible injuries that could occur during delivery can certainly strike fear among expecting mothers. Stanford Children’s Health gives an accessible rundown of birth injuries in a way that makes the issue appear more manageable, stating that a baby’s size or position can also lead to a challenging birth. Large and premature babies, for example, could have higher risks of injuries; prolonged labor can also raise one’s chances of an injury. Common injuries include a swelling scalp, bruising and facial paralysis. 

No mother wants to learn that an accident happened during one of life’s most crucial events. However, by better understanding the possible risks, Pennsylvania residents can have peace of mind, no matter the stage of the birthing process.  





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