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Apps to help avoid a car crash

Pennsylvania has one of the highest car accident rates in the country. In 2017, an average of 351 car accidents occurred daily. Many of those occurred as a result of people texting while driving. 

Although practically everyone knows the dangers, a lot of drivers continue to look at their phones while behind the wheel. Looking down for even a few seconds can result in a traffic collision. If you find you cannot help yourself, then it may be prudent to download one of the following apps to be a safer driver. 

SafeDrive: For Teen Drivers

While there are plenty of apps that will disable your phone while a car is in motion, this app actually turns it into a game for teens hitting the road for the first time. Both the teen and the parent download the app. The teen drives safely, and the parent receives updates on driving behavior. The teen gets points for good driving habits he or she can then exchange for discounts on great products. Teens can turn it into a game where they compete against friends. 


Android users will be able to use the Milez app. The app basically gives teenagers an allowance for driving safely. They start the app before getting behind the wheel, and they accumulate points for not looking at the phone while the car is in motion. The teen gets cash for driving safely every 200 miles. 


This is a free app drivers of all ages can benefit from. Drivemode offers a simpler way to still get certain functions from your phone while blocking others. You may need the GPS app active while driving. Once you activate the app, GPS and your music will still function as usual, but you will not receive texts or phone calls. Drivemode effortlessly integrates with your phone, so you can keep your eyes on the road where they belong. 

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