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Distracted driving in Pennsylvania

Drivers in Pennsylvania are probably used to seeing big trucks on the road, and many have worried about being involved in an accident when encountering one. Unfortunately, drivers’ fears are not unfounded, as both commercial truck drivers and regular automobile drivers tend to underestimate the risk imposed by distracted driving.

How far does a one-second distraction take you?

When you look down at your phone while driving, you probably tell yourself that it is not that much of a distraction, since you are only looking away for one or two seconds. Actually, one or two seconds could be all the time it takes to get into an accident. If someone is driving 67 mph, it will take that person only three seconds to travel the entire length of a football field. Even at 50 mph, a driver will cover the whole length of many tractor-trailer combinations in just one second.

Problems unique to truck drivers

Someone who only commutes about 25 minutes each way to work every day may not realize just how many things professional truck drivers are doing behind the wheel, like eating lunch. Truck drivers also must pay attention to their dispatch radio, and some carriers expect drivers to respond to their radios right away. These demands can lead to a higher rate of truck accidents if the drivers do not take it upon themselves to take certain precautions.

Recourse for accident victims

Though Pennsylvania is considering a ban on cellphone usage, drivers are currently allowed to talk on their phones while behind the wheel, even though most people acknowledge that it is a safety risk. Thus, truck drivers can not only use their dispatch radios while driving, but they and other drivers can use cellphones, in addition to GPS and other electronic logging devices. With all the risk factors, it is no wonder that so many people fall victim to accidents. If you have been harmed in an accident caused by a negligent truck driver, you should consider meeting with an experienced personal injury attorney.

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