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Patient photos during surgery lead to lawsuit

When most people in Pennsylvania think about acts of medical malpractice they might first think about things like incorrect diagnoses being made or not even made at all. When it comes to surgeries, leaving items like sponges or scalpels inside a patient's body is another form of medical error that is all too often heard about. While these are indeed valid forms of medical mistakes, they are far and away not the only examples of such errors or negligence.

The dangers of doctors sticking too closely to protocols

You go to see a doctor in Pittsburgh expecting for him or her to be able to determine exactly what is wrong with you. Yet we here at Phillips, Phillips, and Smith-Delach, LLC can attest to the fact that physicians are far from infallible. Often, medical errors originate during the diagnostic process. This begs the question of what sort of information to doctors rely on when diagnosing you?

How common is cancer misdiagnosis?

Medical providers are educated and knowledgeable, but even the brightest of doctors can sometimes make mistakes. You may find yourself in the same boat as many people in Pennsylvania who have been recently diagnosed with cancer and wonder if there could be a mistake. Or you may belong to the group of people who believe they do have cancer but have been told by their practitioner that they do not. Unfortunately, the reality is that cancer misdiagnosis is much more common than you may think.

Misdiagnosis of Lyme disease is a common occurrence

For people living in Pennsylvania, certain times of the year bring about an increased risk of contracting Lyme disease. While this condition can usually be treated effectively if caught early, it is commonly misdiagnosed by doctors due to its similarity to many different ailments. Failure to properly treat Lyme disease can lead to a host of serious complications, which can greatly impact the life of the sufferer.

Understanding the causes of prescription errors

When people are prescribed a medication by a medical professional, they often receive their drugs from a local community pharmacy or through the mail from a mail-order pharmacy. At Phillips, Phillips & Smith-Delach, P.C., we understand that prescription errors can result in serious injuries and even kill a surprising number of people each year.

Heart infections in 15 patients linked to same dentist

Proper dental care is crucial for your health. Your mouth is full of bacteria that occur naturally. In very rare cases, it is possible that the bacteria in your mouth will invade your bloodstream. That can lead to serious issues, and that is what seems to have happened to 15 oral surgery patients of a nearby state.

What actions can I take if a paramedic is neglectful?

Emergency medical technicians and paramedics have very difficult jobs. They are tasked with keeping patients alive in situations that can be dangerous. They have to do this on the scene of an accident, as well as in a vehicle on the road while they are heading to the hospital. Even though these professionals have difficult jobs to do, they must ensure they are doing their jobs properly. While it is true that EMTs and paramedics help to keep people alive, they can also cause harm if they act in a neglectful manner.

Different medical malpractice cases require different methods

You trust your medical professionals to know what they are doing. Each time you visit a doctor's office or hospital, you are letting the people who take care of you know that you are trusting them with your life. Chances are good that you don't have the medical background necessary to ensure that doctors are doing everything in the correct manner. As the patient, you should be able to allow the doctor to do his or her job without having to double check every single aspect of care.

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